The knowledge exchange platform for the application of sensor technologies for water monitoring

“Sensileau as a company offers a unique combination of market sensitivity and technical knowledge that they use through their connecting power to take innovative steps in the conservative water world'

Jorien Loots
Jorien Loots

New Business Development at Pipelife Netherlands

“The water industry should support platforms such as Sensileau, keep it alive and funded. They form a part of our joint institutional memory and contribute to an effective knowledge-transfer to younger generations of operators and water engineers."

Henk Ketelaars
Henk Ketelaars

Retired, former Operations Manager at Evides Water Utility (NL)

Water Impact Forecast – Wat-IF

A decision-support tool to increase sustainability and water quality and reduce the operational costs of WWTPs

The Dutch water boards are fully engaged in the energy transition and making efforts to meet climate objectives as agreed with the Dutch national government and derived from the International Paris Climate Agreement; there is a strong commitment to deploying renewable energy sources. 

The switch to renewable energy has so far been effective in reducing the carbon footprint of the Water Boards, but ultimately a reduction in actual energy consumption is the most sustainable. In addition, stricter quality requirements are increasingly being set for the effluent from WWTPs, in particular in relation to pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants, to improve the quality of the receiving water and to increase the possibilities for reuse. This requires further treatment than what is now commonly available, and additional treatment steps often consume (much) extra energy. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to further reduce the carbon footprint of wastewater treatement plants (WWTPs).

The Water Impact Forecast (Wat-IF) decision-support tool is being developed to accelerate the acceptance and application of new monitoring concepts and innovative technologies to help reduce the carbon footprint WWTPs.

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Each year, more than 100 new sensor technologies for the water industry enter the market.


Between 2001-2010, the number of floods reported globally was 1,852, which is 250 times higher than 100 years earlier (

The WISPstation

Spectrometers for the purpose of monitoring water

Water Insight produces surface water quality spectrometers for the purpose of monitoring water leaving reflectance, water colour, Chlorophyll-a (phytoplankton), Phycocyanin (cyanobacteria), the presence of algal scums, transparency/ turbidity, suspended matter and vertical diffuse attenuation.

The WISPstation

Kando Pulse

Wastewater Intelligence Platform

Pulse is a wastewater intelligence platform which uses advanced data analytic tools to detect water quality events in a city’s wastewater network. It consists of a network of IoT-connected sensors to detect water quality events in the wastewater collection system in (near) real time, remote samplers to be deployed upon detection of an event, and a proprietary AI-analytics engine.

Kando Pulse

Pipelife Smart Probing

Measure and generate real-time data from the drinking water network

The Pipelife Smart Probing Solution provides the ability to measure and generate real-time data from the drinking water network, without environmental constraints, at any point in the network, with easy access to the pipelines from ground level.

Pipelife Smart Probing

Qsenz s::can spectro::

In-situ Spectrophotometer

An in-situ spectrophotometer for the detection of chemical compounds and suspended particles in water. This instrument's detection mechanism is based on light absorption of a chemical compound at a specific wavelength.

Qsenz s::can spectro::

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