An online bacterial monitoring system

What is Coliminder?

ColiMinder (Vienna Water Monitoring Solutions – VWMS, Austria) is an online bacterial monitoring system for the rapid detection of microbiological contamination in water. It is based on the direct measurement of the specific enzymatic activity of the target microorganisms present in a water sample, instead of using the culture-based method. Results can be obtained in 15 minutes, thus offering the possibility to take targeted mitigation actions by integrating this automated technology into process control systems for water treatment and distribution. 

The automated enzyme assay measures the activity of a specific enzyme within a microorganism through the addition of a reagent that allows for an optical response (fluorescence). The bacterial detection results are based on measured concentrations of the fluorescent product. An increase in the number of E.coli, enterococci or total bacteria means an increase in the amount of enzyme present, which leads to an increase in the fluorescent response.

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