Pipelife Smart Probe

Generate real-time data from the drinking water network

What is Smart Probe?

Pipelife produces and supplies a wide range of plastic piping systems, fittings and tailormade solutions for e.g. drinking water and wastewater applications. In order to address the abovementioned issue, Pipelife has developed the SmartProbe to enable a customised distribution of sensors throughout the network’s non-trafficable areas. Its modular design and ability to operate using a battery-powered NB-IoT data logger enable a utility to install the system anywhere in the network and select a combination of water parameters to be monitored, precisely tailored to the utility’s information needs.

The Pipelife SmartProbe provides the ability to generate real-time water data within the drinking water network, accessible from ground level. Additionally, it facilitates communication with underground sensors and allows for taking samples if necessar

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