SafeGuard™ H2O

An in-situ electrolytic reagent generation technology

What is SafeGuard™ H2O?

The SafeGuard™ H2O is an in-situ electrolytic reagent generation technology that combines real-time sensing and contaminant treatment into an automated system. As a cost-effective and efficient solution for municipal and industrial users, SafeGuard™ H2O removes Chromium VI (Cr(VI)), Iron (Fe), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb) and Selenium (Se) from water and wastewater. It also acts as an antibiofilm and antimicrobial reagent for produced water, as well as a corrosion inhibitor in distribution networks and cooling systems. The integrated system can be powered by renewable energy sources and produces a non-toxic waste stream with low process water loss.

SafeGuard™ H2O uses a proprietary real-time sensor (MetalGuard™ Online Analyzer) to detect contaminants in the influent and effluent of the treatment system and adjusts the dosing of treatment chemicals accordingly to achieve optimal removal. The system is fully automated and uses a certified precursor and in-situ electrolytic generator to create a non-toxic (ferrate, ferrous or stannous) reagent onsite and on-demand.

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