Global Sensor Manufacturers Network

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together.

The number of instruments available for online water quality monitoring is vast and growing rapidly. According to our research, more than 100 new sensor technologies for the water industry become commercially available each year.

Our Sensipedia pages currently contain over 10,000 different instruments of 300+ manufacturers for the automated, online detection of more than 80 different water (quality) parameters, and this number is growing rapidly. Sensileau is the knowledge exchange platform for the application of sensor technologies in the water industry worldwide. For the past six years, the company has played an important role in promoting the application of online sensor technology and facilitating the digital transition in the water industry.

Using the Sensileau Platform as a digital basis, we are currently setting up a Global Sensor Manufacturers Network, in order to address some of the global challenges that sensor manufacturers face. By taking collective action, we can remove barriers that stand in the way of the effective and rapid uptake of sensor technologies by the water industry. 

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If you are a sensor manufacturer anywhere in the world with an interest in speeding up the uptake of sensor technologies and supporting the digital transition in the water industry, join our network today!

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Raising awareness of the benefits of sensor applications, such as cost reduction, process optimisation and improved sustainability (reduced carbon footprint) through activities/tools/services for end users (water companies, water boards, water laboratories, industrial water users, wastewater treatment plants, etc.):

Sensipedia: independent decision aid for sensor selection;

Resources / Technology Insider: the latest news on sensors, water monitoring and data analytics.

Training for water professionals to increase their theoretical and practical knowledge of sensors.

Webinars and workshops for sharing sensor implementation success stories. 

    Promote by developing tools that facilitate the purchase and implementation of sensors in the water sector:

    Wat-IF: Water Impact Forecast tool for defining a business case for sensors in (domestic) wastewater treatment plants (to be extended later to drinking water - and/or industrial applications).

    Tools for engineering firms to make it easier to include sensors in specifications and technical drawings for water-related structures.

    Tools for streamlining procurement procedures for sensors in the public sector.

    Independent testing/verification of sensor performance claims.

    Collection of sector-wide information on monitoring needs and barriers to sensor implementation through independent international surveys of end-users.

    Contribute to workable standards (NEN/CEN) for water quality sensors, such as ISO 15839.

    Highlighting the interests of sensor suppliers in discussions at the European level on Materials in Contact with Drinking Water, for example by joining the European Drinking Water (EDW) initiative.

    Pilot Accelerator Programme to speed up the uptake of sensor technologies in the water industry through the direct involvement of test sites, multiple end users and investors in targeted pilot testing projects.

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