We offer three tiers of services for individuals, departments, and companies as a whole.
Sensileau Start
An individual package that allows access to all products.
Individual package
1 License
1×25 Credits
Access to all products
50% discount for students and pensioners
Full price on credits
€ 499,00
Sensileau Pro
Designed for departments within an organization and allows access to all products for up to 4 colleagues.
Up to 4 licenses
2×50 Credits
Access to all products
Earn credits
2 hours of free consultation
Bulk discount on credits
€ 1949,00
Sensileau Pro Unlimited
Made for company-wide access to all products. No internal boundaries, all email addresses with the same domain name will be able to use the platform.
Company wide
Unlimited licenses
Unlimited credits
Access to all products
Discount on consulting hours
4 hours of free consultation
€ 3199,00

Interested, but not sure which package is the best fit for your organisation? Contact us and we will be happy to help you choose. Or experience our platform with a free trial! During the free trial, you can browse the platform, participate in one of the live events or watch one of the past events (recording). 

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For whom?

Specifically for technology suppliers, we have introduced the Sensileau Expert Package that includes products to familiarise a broad audience of water experts with the latest sensor(-related) technologies by sharing the available knowledge and practical expertise.

How does it work?

We use Product Sheets to inform end-users about a specific technology, how it works and for whom it may be of interest. We also provide an expert verdict, in which we highlight the best possible application of this specific technology. Additionally, we share information about these technologies via our newsletter and social media channels, concurrent with relevant events (webinars, workshops, training courses, etc.) organised by Sensileau on a regular basis. We may invite technology suppliers from the Technology Insider to present their products at one of our events if we feel this is relevant to our customers.

The Expert Package is available from €695 annually.

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How Does the Credit System Work?

Although we offer a number of services for free, some of our products, for example, the Sensor Database and our step-by-step guides, need regular updating and further development and therefore we charge a small fee. By sharing the costs for these products, we can keep the prices down and continue to improve and update this valuable source of information. Sensileau uses credits to facilitate access to these tools and products, as indicated in the table on the right.

Furthermore, we welcome your experience with the deployment of water sensors! Therefore, Sensileau rewards you with credits if you share your experience with us in a showcase or step-by-step guide or participate as a speaker/host at one of our webinars or workshops. The table shows how many credits are used to access more detailed information or can be earnt by providing a contribution to knowledge exchange on the platform.

Tool / ProductCredits requiredCredits earned
Parameter information sheets55
Quick-scanFrom 5-
Step-by-step guide810
WorkshopFrom 3530
Consultancy (per hour)12-

How Can I Submit a Showcase to Share My Experience With Sensileau’s Subscribers?

We welcome your experience with the deployment of water sensors! Each published contribution is rewarded with credits. If you are interested in submitting a showcase for the Sensileau Platform, please request a template for the showcase. Only submissions in English can be accepted for publication. Sensileau’s experts will review your submission and request clarification if necessary.

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How Can I Get in Touch With Sensileau's Experts?

If you have any questions regarding the packages, credits, platform, pricing or other topics, feel free to contact us. 

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