The Sensileau Toolbox provides a wealth of information for water experts, from the sensor database to step-by-step guides, podcasts and webinars.

The Sensileau Sensor Database

The Sensileau Sensor Database is an online, members-only, platform which provides an overview of all commercially available online and real-time sensor technologies worldwide. It is based on the Online Water Quality Sensors and Monitors Compendium. It contains over 10,000 diverse sensors from over 300 suppliers. Covering the entire water cycle, there are specific sensors for all kinds of applications and water types. 

  1. Source water intake
  2. Drinking water treatment
  3. Drinking water distribution network
  4. Sewer systems / Influent
  5. Wastewater treatment
  6. Wastewater effluent discharge
  7. Complete overview

The Sensileau Toolbox also contains other informative products. If you cannot join one of our live webinars, you can watch the recordings of these events on the toolbox, as well as listen to our available podcasts. Additionally, the toolbox contains step-by-step guides and showcases of sensor technology applications in the water industry.

Sensileau frequently compares existing sensor technologies for specific applications, such as in the table below, evaluating online fluorescence sensors for the detection of algae and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in surface water. The information in the PDF was provided by various technology suppliers and evaluated by Sensileau's experts, resulting in an overall score in the PDF.

Would you like us to compare available sensor technologies for a specific application? Or do you need a second opinion on a quote you have received from a sensor supplier?

Contact us and let us know how we can assist you in selecting the best possible sensor technology to tackle your monitoring challenge. Sensileau Pro members can use their credits for this service. Sensileau Pro Unlimited members have his service included in their yearly subscription (maximum once per year).

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