Training Course: Introduction to Online Sensor Technologies
Fundamentals Course - Session 1 of 2

This course covers the basics of online sensor technology for the water industry. The most commonly used online sensor techniques will be explained, including:

  • colorimetric analysers
  • ion-selective electrodes (ISEs)
  • optical sensors
  • early warning systems
  • biosensors

For each technology type, benefits, drawbacks and operational conditions are discussed. Additionally, real-life examples of these technologies in the water industry will be presented to illustrate their application.

This is a course at fundamental level. It is recommended for all water operators involved in daily water quality monitoring, either in a technical capacity (e.g. responsible for maintenance) or in a supervisory role (e.g. responsible for the interpretation of online monitoring results). The course requires basic knowledge of chemistry and physics (completed secondary education level). 

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