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Sensileau Symposium 2020
A huge success!

We look back on a successful symposium! When we came up with the plan in February, we did not expect that the symposium would necessarily be organised in a hybrid variant. Fortunately, with eight people in the room and more than 30 participants via webcam, there were interesting discussions in the two-hour morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning, developments in the application possibilities of sensors were discussed. Maurice Tax (Bright Spark) and Corina Carpentier (Sensileau) each gave their views on this in a presentation, followed by a discussion with the participants. In the afternoon, agriculture was the theme. Jouke Velstra (Acacia) and Jan Broos (Sensileau) presented various projects and activities. Afterwards, participants discussed whether farmers should be responsible for monitoring discharges themselves, and how sensor technology can contribute to successful collaboration and open dialogue between farmers and water managers. The panel in the room was a varied group of representatives from drinking water and water board laboratories, government, research and development. Participants from drinking water utilities, water boards, laboratories, and research and consultancy organisations took part in the discussions via webcam. The next annual symposium will be held live next year, if possible.

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