You don’t see them with your eyes, but they are more dangerous than you think, microplastics

In the upcoming webinar on 13 April, we will focus on the monitoring and removal of microplastics in (drinking) water. The public health and environmental risks of microplastics are well known, but little information is available on how we can effectively monitor and remove microplastics and nanoparticles from (drinking) water. In this webinar, we will highlight both the practical and scientific aspects of this topic.

Our guest speakers during this webinar are:

  • Eelco Pieke, senior advisor chemical water quality,  working for Het Waterlaboratorium, a water laboratory focusing on (drinking) water. Microplastics feel like our shared responsibility – after all, these truly anthropogenic particles are persistently and ubiquitously present. Looking into prevention measures is necessary, but it rarely provides us with information for assessing the current risk. For that, we need monitoring. In this presentation, we will look into the involvement of the drinking water section into the microplastics discussion, and from a water perspective, we will discover the prospects and challenges that await us for monitoring microplastics practice.
  • Dr. ir. Luewton L.F Agostinho, currently in charge of the EHDA laboratory at NHL University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden and focusing on the removal of microplastic in water.In this we presentation, Dr. ir. Luewton L.F Agostinho will tell us more about current challenges for the quantification and qualification of sub-micrometric particles in water. A focus will be given to polymeric (plastic) particles and how their fabrication with a technique known as electrohydrodynamic atomization (EHDA) can help us to better understand their toxicologic, analytical and technological (water/wastewater treatment techniques) aspects.

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