Wat-IF webinar

On 27th October 2020, Sensileau is organising a webinar on our Decision-Support tool called Wat-IF (Water Impact Forecast).

The tool will help water managers to build a business case for innovative (sensor) technologies and new monitoring concepts at WWTPs with the objective of making them more sustainable, specifically in terms of reducing their carbon footprint and improving water quality. Roozbeh Aminian, a student at the Technical University of Twente (NL), who is working on this tool, will illustrate how Wat-IF can help wastewater utilities stabilise effluent quality, reduce their carbon footprint and, at the same time, minimise operational costs.
More information about our speakers at this webinar:

  • Roozbeh Aminian has a Master’s in Chemical Engineering and is currently finalising his second Master’s in Water Management. For his thesis, he is combining his engineering and management knowledge by developing a Decision Support Tool called Wat-IF at Sensileau.
  • Dr. Leo Carswell leads the Technology Business Area at WRc, UK, and is responsible for testing and evaluating a wide range of technologies, from pipeline rehabilitation through to advanced water quality monitoring systems. Leo specialises in instrumentation and, over the last twenty years, he has been involved in several projects regarding advanced process control systems in wastewater treatment plants.

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