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Aside from our own webinars, which can be found in Sensileau’s Toolbox, our experts have also contributed to webinars hosted by other organisations. Some of these webinars are freely accessible, and you can watch them here.

During this webinar, various showcases are presented to illustrate how smart sensor technologies can help optimize wastewater processing to reduce energy and chemicals consumption, and facilitate the recovery of valuable resources such as water, phosphates and sustainable energy.

During this webinar, Judith Herschell Cole shows how the Sensileau Sensor Platform supports water utilities to adjust to the new normal in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. This includes steps to automate processes using sensor technologies to enable remore control, and adjusting monitoring programmes to minimize health risks for staff.

Sensileau discussed many topics in 2021. From microplastics to PFAS and calibration days for blue-green algae. This Video Year Report contains a few of those important topics and will give you a sneak preview of our plans for 2022!

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