Sensileau Calibration
The yearly calibration of fluorescence sensors

What is the calibration event?

Sensileau regularly organises calibration events for specific sensor technologies to facilitate their daily use in water monitoring. An example of such an event is the yearly calibration of fluorescence sensors for the detection of phytoplankton and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) for the purpose of bathing water monitoring under the EU Bathing Water Directive. Reliable and unambiguous monitoring results are essential, given the economic and social consequences of closing bathing waters in the summer months. Specifically for fluorescence field monitors, Sensileau and its partners AqWa and NIOO have developed a calibration protocol, targeting two important parameters:

  1. quantification of total active chlorophyll-a
  2. distinction between various phytoplankton groups and quantification of total chlorophyll-a per group, based on pigment composition and absorption spectra

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