Kando Pulse

A wastewater intelligence DaaS platform

What is Pulse?

Pulse is a wastewater intelligence platform which uses advanced data analytics tools to detect water quality events in a city’s wastewater network. It consists of a network of IoT-connected sensors to detect water quality events in the wastewater collection system in (near) real-time, remote samplers to be deployed upon detection of an event, and a proprietary AI-analytics engine.

When an event occurs, sensor signals trigger an automated grab sampler. At the same time, various
notifications are sent out, to inform the network operator that a sample is ready for collection and analysis, and to notify both the operator and the treatment plant that a contaminant has been detected in the network.

Based on these notifications, actions can be taken to minimise damage to the network and/or the treatment plant. As Pulse also collects a range of additional information, e.g. on the exact location of the event, it provides an indication of the possible origin of the pollutant, and a basis for engagement with the discharger.

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