Aqua Metrology Systems

SafeGuard™ H2O

An in-situ electrolytic reagent generation technology

What is SafeGuard™ H2O?

The SafeGuard™ H2O is an in-situ electrolytic reagent generation technology that combines real-time sensing and treatment into an integrated system for the removal of trace metals such as Lead, Copper and Chromium 6 from water. Additionally, SafeGuard™ H2O can be used to control corrosion in water transport systems. The integrated system can be powered by renewable energy sources and produces a non-toxic waste stream with low process water loss. The SafeGuard TM H2O has been awarded NSF-60 & 61

SafeGuard™ H2O uses a proprietary real-time sensor (MetalGuard Online Analyzer) to detect trace metals in the influent and effluent of the treatment system, and adjusts the dosing of in-situ generated treatment chemicals accordingly to achieve optimal removal of metal compounds. The system is fully automated and uses a certified precursor and in-situ electrolytic generator to create a non-toxic (ferrous or stannous) reagent onsite and on demand

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