The Sensileau sensor database currently contains over 10,000 sensor technologies from about 300 different technology suppliers, covering approximately 75 different water quality parameters. And this number is growing rapidly, as an estimated 100+ sensor technologies for the water industry enter the market each year. Finding the instrument that suits your needs for a specific application is a daunting task and requires a significant amount of expertise. In order to facilitate this, the sensor database:

  • Provides a detailed compilation of information about commercially available online technologies.
  • Improves the understanding of the various measurement principles available for each parameter, and describes their advantages and disadvantages regarding specific applications.
  • Provides practical guidelines to help organise installation, maintenance and calibration.
  • Provides insight in the CAPEX and OPEX (in terms of maintenace efforts and direct costs for consumables and spare parts) related to online sensor technologies.
  • Presents an overview of all known technology-suppliers per parameter and technology.
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