On Tuesday 8 October, AQUON and Sensileau jointly organised a workshop on the installation, operation and maintenance of sensor technologies for water quality and quantity monitoring. The approximately 25 participants discussed the installation and operation of fixed online monitoring stations, mobile monitoring devices – including the presentation of a surface water drone – and level monitoring in the field. The workshop started with introductory presentations by Marcel Keers of Hoogheemraadschap Delfland and Toon Basten of Waterschap Aa en Maas. These were followed by three parallel sessions, in which small groups discussed the do’s and don’ts of online sensor operations in the field. One important issue was the protection of the ever-increasing flow of data from field instrumentation to central computers. With the Water Boards being responsible for an important part of our national critical infrastructure, data and network security is very important.
All participants recognised the need to exchange experience on this topic, and see the benefits of working together with Aquon and Sensileau to improve field monitoring programmes to gain a better insight into rapid water quality changes and long-term trends.