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Webinars provide scientific and practical updates by experts on current topics regarding sensor technologies in the water industry

July 4th, 2019|


Workshops are tailor-made events for specific customer-groups, covering a jointly agreed scientific and/or practical programme

July 4th, 2019|


Podcasts provide a brief overview of sensor-related topics, highlighting the latest developments and current state of affairs.

January 29th, 2020|
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The origin of Sensileau’s products and guiding principles

In 2014, an Online Water Quality Sensors and Monitors Compendium was compiled by an international consortium led by Benten Water Solutions as a result of a study commissioned by the Water Environment Research Foundation (currently: Water Research Foundation – WRF) under the umbrella of the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC). The aim of this study was to identify and document information on commercially available online water quality monitoring instrumentation, associated costs (capital and operating), and real-world experiences with their use in the global water / wastewater industry. The collected information was made available through a web-based searchable database. In April 2016, GWRC transferred the complete ownership of the sensor database to Benten Water Solutions. Benten Water Solutions and Brooswater joined forces to develop the Sensileau Sensor Platform into what it is today.

In the past few years, the sensor platform has grown to include a variety of tools besides the original database. All available tools facilitate a systematic and intelligent decision making process, based on online water quality and quantity sensors, taking into account the entire water cycle from intake to water effluent, with the aim of ensuring adequate water quality and quantity, and with a minimum consumption of energy and materials.

Throughout this entire journey, the sensor platform and its tools have remained true to the guiding principle of independence: the information presented here has been collected by and for end-users of sensors in the water industry. Technology-suppliers can contribute by providing technical information on products and their applications, but advertising is not allowed. The platform does not reject or endorse specific brands or technologies, but aims to provide all the information necessary for end-users to enable the selection of suitable equipment for their needs and goals.

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