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Sensor technologies have traditionally focused on the detection of physical or chemical parameters, but microbial detection technologies are catching up rapidly. Thus, it is high time to update the Sensileau Sensor Database with the latest information on online and on-site microbial detection systems.  During this webinar, Sensileau’s expert will present the latest information on monitoring techniques for the detection of bacteria and other microorganisms in the field. Some technologies aim at specific identification and quantification of microorganisms, others provide an indication of bacterial activity. Each type of instrumentation has its own specific niche application and usefulness, so it is important to make the right choice when selecting microbial monitoring instrumentation.

To illustrate the application of online and on-site microbial detection systems, two speakers will discuss real-life showcases:

  • Mr Joep Appels: Safety and quality control in drinking water systems by online monitoring of enzymatic activity.
    Microbiological water safety is rising as one of the major concerns regarding the production and distribution of drinking water. The current monitoring techniques are still time-consuming and mainly restricted to culturable bacteria. Therefore, a rapid and accurate online monitoring system was developed by microLAN, to enable drinking water supply systems can ensure safe water for their customers.
  • Dr. Gijs Jansen: Autonomous DNA detection technology: State of the art and real-life practice
    Biotrack’s system for autonomous DNA detection was used to monitor microbial water quality Amsterdam’s Marine Basin during the yearly CitySwim event. The system monitored Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecalis, and total bacterial count in parallel to culture methods according ISO-standards for a period of three months.

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