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Until recently, the development of sensor technologies for water quality monitoring has largely been focused on (physico-)chemical parameters, but sensors for the detection of microbial parameters are catching up fast. In light of recent global developments, two examples will be discussed during this roundtable briefing: Legionella in drinking water, and coronavirus in wastewater as part of sewer epidemiology studies. Will online monitoring of bacteria and viruses become as common as measuring pH, conductivity and oxygen with sensors?

Topics to be discussed include:

  1. Virus detection in wastewater and the potential for suppliers to offer technologies for rapid detection to support the identification of outbreak hotspots;
  2. Increased risks of Legionella-proliferation in stagnant waters during lockdown, and the need for rapid testing for a wide variety of potential customers, especially if a second lockdown is necessary in some places.
  3. Transition to more sensor-oriented monitoring programmes for water utilities in order to reduce exposure risks for staff during a potential second wave or other future incidents.

Confirmed participants include Dr. Jordan Schmidt, LuminUltra’s Applications Manager.

This webinar is exclusively for BlueTech Research clients.

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