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Following recent events regarding contamination of drinking water with metals such as Lead and Copper, Sensileau is conducting research to find out how sensor technologies can help to rapidly detect elevated levels of lead in drinking water distribution systems or at the tap. Several events in the USA, but also recent findings Amsterdam, the Netherlands, have shown that pipe materials (and the lack of timely replacements) can have significant negative effects on drinking water quality. In this podcast, Sensileau’s expert Dr. Corina Carpentier and Mr. Rick Bacon, CEO of Aqua Metrology Systems, discuss the importance of being able to measure particulate lead, how to ensure maximum performance and minimal maintenance of lead analysers, and ways to act on the data collected.

This podcast is a sneak preview of the discussion to follow during the webinar on metals monitoring on January 15th, 2020

As of the publication date, the recording of this podcast is made available via Sensileau’s toolbox.

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