AQUON ( provides laboratory services for nine water management boards in the Netherlands, and has the ambition to become a leading expert in all aspects of water quality monitoring, including online monitoring and sensoring. Jeen Bouma, Aquon’s General Manager: “AQUON wants to position itself as a consulting and implementation partner for its clients to turn to as a matter of course for all kinds of water quality monitoring projects”.

Sensileau ( is a knowledge exchange platform to promote the use of online monitoring technologies in the water industry, including water management boards. “We aim to grow into an internationally recognised knowledge exchange platform for online monitoring and sensor technology, focusing specifically on digital service provision,” explains Corina Carpentier, Managing Director of Sensileau.

Reliable supplier
AQUON and Sensileau jointly wish to support the water boards by providing sound advice and practical support in both regular measurement programmes and online monitoring. Both parties could thereby strengthen each other in achieving their ambitions.

Knowledge Exchange Platform
Central to the collaboration is the digital knowledge platform developed by Sensileau for online monitoring and sensor technology. Information of approximately 10,000 measuring instruments for the automatic and online measurement of more than 75 different water quality parameters from 300 producers is digitally available. In addition, knowledge regarding online monitoring is presented via webinars, real-life showcases and consulting services. Both AQUON and the nine water boards will be able to access the online knowledge platform.

Wish to join?
If you are interested in accessing the knowledge exchange platform, please contact us at or