Sensileau is a digital knowledge-exchange platform that has set out to make the global water industry more sustainable. We achieve this by accelerating the implementation of online water quality sensors worldwide through our expert knowledge and interactive decision-support tools. Based in the Netherlands, which is well-known for its strong position in water technology, we provide digital services to our customers all over the world. In order to strengthen our team, we are looking for:

Water Campus Leeuwarden, NL
Posted 11 months ago

About us

Sensileau is a young company (established in 2017), and currently consists of its two co-founders and a small team of experts across the globe. Our office is located at the Water Technology Campus in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Our digital service platform is in the middle of a very dynamic development phase as we attract more and more customers with a growing number of products and services. We focus our activities primarily on Europe and North America, and intend to explore other parts of the world as well.

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