During the upcoming annual BlueTech Forum being held in London this year, Corina Carpentier will present a roundtable briefing on water quality in relation to water reuse. The basic concept of municipal drinking water treatment was designed in the 19 th century and focused on removing pathogens and filtering solids.

Increasingly, we need to take into account the myriads of chemicals in our surface waters that could make it into our drinking water. The consumer is also increasingly aware of this. At the same time, it is impossible to regulate for all of these substances and pathogens. Additionally, freshwater resources are becoming more and more scarce, so we need to step up our efforts to make sustainable use of the sources available. One way of doing this is by means of water reuse. The answer to these challenges is a multi-barrier treatment system combined with sensors and bioassays to ensure water safety.

During this roundtable briefing, we will discuss whether it is necessary or even desirable to treat all water to a potable standard. Direct potable water reuse is sparking a hot debate on what exactly is potable water, the role of the utility and the best way to communicate with consumers.
Join us at BlueTech Forum 2019, on June 5 th and 6 th , 2019, at Kew Gardens, London, UK.