How to attract talent with sensors

Water technology is a booming business. Since water resources are under continuous pressure from an increasing world population, climate change effects and increased urbanisation, there are many challenges to be solved. Sensor technology plays a vital role in many of the world’s current water challenges, e.g. optimising the effectivity of treatment systems, assessing the impact of measures to improve source waters, or checking the compliance of wastewater effluent discharges.

An aging workforce in the water industry causes a loss of expertise. Sensors help to attract young talent.

Developments in additional and related technology areas lead to an ever-increasing suite of potential solutions to major water issues. Drone technology, big data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and off-the-grid power supplies all contribute to the increased applicability of the latest sensor technologies. These innovative developments make the water industry an attractive employer and offer numerous opportunities for tech start-ups.


Each year, more than 100 new sensor technologies for the water industry enter the market.


With an estimated 154,000 drinking water and wastewater utilities in Europe and the USA alone, the water industry forms a significant potential market for sensor technologies.


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