On 14 May, 2019, the first AQUON-Sensileau user meeting took place at the inspiring location of Aqualab-Zuid, Biesbosch National Park, the Netherlands. The goal of this meeting was to exchange knowledge and experience with water quality sensors and monitoring, and provide a networking opportunity for the participants. It was an interactive, educative and inspiring afternoon with 22 participants of six different water management boards in the Netherlands.

The participants indicated that there is a need for more practical information regarding the use of water quality sensors, via the Sensileau Sensor Platform and through meetings such as this one. Participants shared their experience with online monitoring of surface waters and for the purpose of compliance checking. Sensileau’s experts discussed the practical tools of the platform and collected requests for more information and new tools from participants on specific challenges. While this meeting focused on current practices, Sensileau will also keep an eye on future developments, to enable users to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and applications.

The next meeting will take place around October-November of this year. If you are interested in participating at the next meeting, please contact us at support@sensileau.app.