On 8th January, 2020, Sensileau released a free podcast on lead monitoring in drinking water, comprising an interview with Rick Bacon, CEO of Aqua Metrology Systems, on the ways lead get into our drinking water and the importance of being able to detect particulate lead. Rick Bacon elaborated on unattended realtime monitoring systems, combined with low-cost treatment systems to resolve this important public health issue. The podcast can be found in Sensileau’s toolbox.
The podcast offered an interesting sneak preview of a broader discussion on online trace metal monitoring in water during the webinar on trace metals which was broadcast live on 15th January 2020. Two speakers – Dr. Miguel Arias-Paic of the US Bureau of Reclamation and Mr. Rick Bacon of Aqua Metrology Systems – discussed the origin of trace metals in source waters in relation to treatment methods for remediation and water reuse, and explored how online monitoring and treatment can support the reduction of public health risks associated with their presence. If you missed the webinar, a recording is available in Sensileau’s toolbox.
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